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Apr 03
The 5th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival

The 5th Annual Peekskill Rotary Cherry Blossom Festival & Plant Sale celebrates spring and the blossoming of 100 cherry trees at the Riverfront. The Rotary Club of Peekskill gifted the trees, valued at $80,000, to the city in honor of the Club’s 100th Anniversary. At the festival, you will see many Rotarians working the plant […]

Aug 09
Oz Land Festival-All Day City of Peekskill Event!

Antonia Arts, Inc. News Release For Immediate Release                                                   Media Contact: Sonia Garber August 5, 2021                                                                    [email protected] On September 18, 2021 Scarlett Antonia of Antonia Arts, Inc. will be holding a city-wide event entitled, “The OZland Festival.”  Antonia Arts is a not-for-profit creative and performing arts organization, which has been providing arts scholarships and producing theater productions in Peekskill […]

Jun 02
Inge Dube, Peekskill Artist and Pioneer

By Sonia Lee Garber Inge Dube has been in the Peekskill art scene since the early 90’s.  She was the owner of the Driftwood Gallery in downtown Peekskill for nearly thirty years. Dube came to the states from Germany at just fifteen months old, during World War II.   “In America they could see what was going […]

Apr 20
Peekskill Rotary 4th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival & Plant Sale for a Great Cause

Did You Know There Are 100 Cherry Blossom Trees at the Peekskill Riverfront? Every Spring, the Peekskill Riverfront blossoms in color thanks to the gift of 100 Cherry Trees planted at the Riverfront in honor of the Club’s 100th Anniversary. There are pink, white, weeping, double blossom varieties showing their colors over the mid-April to […]

Apr 03
Spring 2021 Season at NECS Creative Space is Open!

Have You Registered Yet? No? Then check out our Spring of 2021 classes! If you already signed up then share this with a friend! REGISTER HERE!   Elementary School   Multicultural Creative Dance[2nd – 5th grade, Ages 7 – 10]Saturday (6 Weeks) | In-Person | 10:00 – 11:00am | April 10 – May 15 Visit our […]

Feb 02
Melanin Magic! A Celebration of Black Excellence and Artistry

NECS artists showcase their knowledge of our history through song...

Feb 02
An Interview with Caroline Peters of Abrakadoodle

We really focus on is specializing our curriculum to fit the needs of the...

Dec 17
Getting to Know You, Jennifer Brown, Executive Director of The Field Library

Jennifer Brown is the Executive Director of The Field Library.